The sack of Louvain 
W.A. Mozart Requiem
P. Swerts The Sack of Louvain
sun 24.08, 21:00
Ladeuzeplein, Leuven
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mon 25.08, 21:00
Ladeuzeplein, Leuven
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An artistic production and coordination by Fred Brouwers includes the performance of Mozart’s Requiem followed by the oratorio “The Sack of Louvain”, a new composition by Piet Swerts. The title of this war-themed oratorio refers to how the international press reported on the horrifying events that ensued from the German troops' invasion of Leuven in 1914. The one-hour piece was conceived for four soloists, choir and orchestra. The libretto was written by the composer and consists of fifteen parts which recount and comment on the events that transpired in Leuven in August 1914 through several sources.


Performances by Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen, Symfonisch Koor Octopus and soloists Ilse Eerens (soprano), Vivica Genaux (alto), Thomas Blondelle (tenor) and Dietrich Henschel (bass).


The concert is followed by a light show on the façade of the university library which symbolises the fire and contains a message of peace.


21.00 uur
Mgr. Ladeuzeplein