De Beren Gieren

Dutch-Belgian acoustic-electronic piano trio De Beren Gieren (The Bear Vultures) are known for their unique energetic sound, sparkling melodies, complex structures and quirky song titles. They bring a blend of polyrhythmic soundscapes, sing-alongs and elitist twists, showing an ability to change mood quite suddenly in a way that constantly holds one's attention. A live experience not to be missed!
After collaborations with Marc Ribot, Louis Sclavis, Joachim Badenhorst, Jan Klare and the much appreciated live album “The Detour Fish” (Clean Feed, 2014) with trumpeter Susana Santos Silva, De Beren Gieren are now successfully touring Europe with their 3rd trio release “One Mirrors Many” (Clean Feed, 2015), on which self-made electronics are added, creating an elusive fuzzy layer underneath their characteristic acoustic sound of piano-bass-drums. This kaleidoscopic work of modern art has since then received international acclaim from specialized press and beyond.

"This multifaceted disc enlightens. It's bright, it's clever. It would be stupid not to admire them."
(Citizen Jazz, on their latest record)
Concerts with De Beren Gieren.
thu 23.11, 20:00
Concertgebouw, Bruges
fri 24.11, 20:00
Muziekcentrum de Bijloke, Ghent
ticket info
sun 26.11, 15:00
deSingel, Antwerp