ATTENTION: during the concert season 2020-21 we exceptionally do not offer membership subscriptions, due to the corona measures.

How to order a new membership subscription online?

The short video below shows how to proceed:

(!) Attention, if you click the button 'order everything in one go' halfway through the ordering process, automatic placement will apply. If you prefer to choose your seat(s) yourself, follow the steps as indicated in the tutorial.

Your benefits as a member

The information below applies to the concerts in Antwerp, Bruges and Brussels.

  • Best seats
    Ticket sales of membership subscriptions start before the sale of single tickets. This allows you to choose the best seat of your choice.
  • Always sure of your seat
    A fixed seat is one of the benefits of a membership subscription.
  • 20% discount on standard rates
  • 20% discount on extra single tickets
    If you wish to buy extra single tickets on top of your subscription, you enjoy a discount of 20%.
  • Ticket exchange services
    You have the right to exchange a ticket from your subscription free of charge once per season.*
  • Free pre-acts with a drink
    Twice a season we take you behind the scenes of the orchestra. During a musical introduction you will get to know our musicians, soloists and conductors up close. They play you chamber music and answer all your questions. We also offer our members a free drink afterwards.

* Exchange possible up to 1 week before the concert, and only for a concert in Bruges, Antwerp or Brussels within the same concert series. Subject to availability. Not exchangeable for a voucher.


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