SOV Composers' Academy

Each year, the Flanders Symphony Orchestra assigns various composition commissions. New music is a permanent fixture within the operation of the orchestra: from Mauricio Kagel and Piet Swerts, through Fulco Ottervanger and Joris Blanckaert, to Annelies Van Parys and Peter Vermeersch. In addition to the established names, we also offer the opportunity to young composers to feature orchestral work.

Trajectory for young musicians

Every year, two students of Belgian conservatories are offered the opportunity to work together with the orchestra for several months. During workshops, work sessions and orchestral rehearsals, their compositions are moulded and carefully considered. The final result is presented to the audience as the Flanders Symphony Orchestra includes the compositions in its concert programme. 

The SOV Composers' Academy is part of the Manufactuur project in association with Muziekcentrum De Bijloke

SOV Composers' Academy 2021-22

In the 2021-22 season, Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen is offering young composers the chance to write a composition for orchestra in a protected environment. You can find all the information in the document below.

Oproep SOV Composers' Academy NL

Appel SOV Composers' Academy FR

Tom De Visscher

De geselecteerde kandidaten voor concertseizoen 2020—21 zijn:

  • Ward De Jonghe °1990, student compositie aan het Koninklijk Conservatorium Gent. Onder begeleiding van docent Daan Janssens.
  • Richard R. He °1996, student compositie aan het Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen. Onder begeleiding van docent Wim Henderickx.

De compositie van Richard Introspect was te horen tijdens de productie Johannes Moser speelt Dvořák (november 2021). De compositie van Ward staat op het programma tijdens de productie Petroesjka (mei 2022).

compositie Richard HeIntrospect

FSO Composers' Academy 2020—21

© Tom De Visscher

The selected candidates for concert season 2020-21 are:

  • Ward De Jonghe °1990, composition student at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent. Under the guidance of teacher Daan Janssens.
  • Tim Mulleman °1993, composition student at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. Under the guidance of teacher Annelies Van Parys.

FSO Composers' Academy 2019-20

© Tom De Visscher

The selected candidates for the 2019-20 concert season were:

  • Siebe Thijs °1999, student composition at the KASK & Conservatorium / School of Arts Ghent. Under the supervision of Dirk Brossé.
  • Eliott Delafosse °1994, student composition at the Conservatoire Royal de Mons. Under the supervision of Claude Ledoux.

Siebe's composition, Temporalitascan could be heard during the production Haydn-Mozart-Stravinsky (November 2019).

  Composition of Siebe ThijsTemporalitas

FSO Composers' Academy 2018-19

© Tom De Visscher

The selected candidates voor the 2018-19 concert season were:

  • Karel Stulens °1997, student composition at the KASK & Conservatorium / School of Arts. Under the supervision of Daan Janssens.
  • Jahwer Matmati °1993, student composition at the Conservatoire royal de Liège. Under the supervision of Michel Fourgon.

Karel's composition, EXPIRED - miniature for orchestra, could be heard during the production of Tripel Beethoven (autumn 2018). Jahwer's composition, Entre-Tons, could be heard during the production Festa Italiana! (spring 2019).

  • Composition of Karel Stulens — EXPIRED - miniature for orchestra
  • Composition of Jahwer Matmati — Entre-Tons

Interview / Boetiek Klassiek

On the 28th of April (2018), Nicole Van Opstal (radio Klara) spoke with Karel Stulens and Jawher Matmati, the 2 young students that were selected for the SOV Composers' Academy 2018-19.

Talent development

The Flanders Symphony Orchestra devotes every attention to both young talent and talent development. New courses provide additional support and guidance. Promising conductors, composers, soloists and orchestral musicians are inspired, motivated and enthused at the start of their careers. Together with the young generation, we are building the future!


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