Wouter Maeckelberghe

Assistant conductor

Martijn Dendievel

In the spring of 2018, Martijn Dendievel started as assistant-conductor with the Flanders Symphony Orchestra. In this way, the orchestra provides him with the opportunity to learn and grow, gain experience, and become familiar with the multi-faceted aspects of conductorship.

Martijn (°1995) studied music theory and notation, cello and orchestral conducting at the Royal Brussels Conservatory. In 2014 he moved to Weimar in Germany as part of the ERASMUS programme. After a year of study with Prof. Nicolás Pasquet, he was admitted to the renowned Weimarer Dirigentenschmiede, where he has been continuing his training since September 2015. He attended master classes with Bernard Haitink, Christian Thielemann, Edo de Waart and Simone Young. In addition, he is a member of the Dirigentenforum des Deutschen Musikrat and won the first prize of the MDR Conducting Competition in December 2018. The next year, in September 2019 he won both the first prize and the public award of the Louis Spohr Conducting Competition in Kassel.

Over a number of seasons, Martijn Dendievel has been assisting the chief conductor, guiding rehearsal moments and has been the musical leader for a number of projects. The highlight in 2019 was his debut with the Flanders Symphony Orchestra in Concertgebouw Amsterdam.


"There is no doubt that the experience that I will be able to gain with the Flanders Symphony Orchestra, now and in the coming seasons, will be very enriching and stimulating for me."

"De ervaring die ik nu en volgende seizoenen bij Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen kan opdoen, zal zonder twijfel een enorme verrijking en stimulans betekenen".

 Op 10 juni 2021 was Martijn te gast in Music Matters op Klara. Herbeluister het gesprek hier.

Tijdens concertseizoen 2021-22 kan je Martijn Dendievel aan het werk zien tijdens de familievoorstelling Gekrijs! Beethoven superstar, de januari-productie A New World en de projecten van SOV Young.

Talent development

The Flanders Symphony Orchestra devotes every attention to both young talent and talent development. New courses provide additional support and guidance. Promising conductors, composers, soloists and orchestral musicians are inspired, motivated and enthused at the start of their careers. Together with the young generation, we are building the future!


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