Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen

Acoustic Power

Workshops & concert

With the Acoustic Power project we bring young people from the third grade of secondary education in direct contact with the overwhelming power of an orchestra. They experience the fascination of classical music in all its facets: emotional, narrative, as well as technical.

We start with a low-threshold workshop, entirely tailored to the audience. Those who want can also participate in a contest. Finally, the pupils experience a concert in the Concertgebouw (Concert Hall Bruges) in which a few short, accessible music pieces are performed by the Flanders Symphony Orchestra.

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A project by Concertgebouw Bruges in cooperation with the Flanders Symphony Orchestra, commissioned by the Province of West Flanders, with the support of sp.a and KU Leuven.


Via een reeks educatieve projecten leidt Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen kinderen en jongeren toe naar de wereld van de klassieke muziek en het symfonische orkest. Interactieve initiaties, zelf musiceren en afsluitende toonmomenten vormen de drie speerpunten van ons educatieve aanbod.