Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen
Thomas Verfaille

SOV-Express: music in the Children's Hospital UZ Gent

The music we make is a basic right for everyone. Flanders Symphonic Orchestra is socially committed and also looks at the world outside the concert hall! Under the name FSO-Express, our musicians go out and build bridges through music.

Outside of the concert hall

This project is part of a series of outreach initiatives during which the musicians of the Flanders Symphony Orchestra go outside and use music to build bridges.

General director Frederik Styns:

“The music we make is a basic right for everyone. We have to play a social role and therefore do not only focus on the audience that we can reach from the stage, but we also like to include those whom, for various reasons, we cannot reach in the concert hall. With a lot of pleasure, enthusiasm and a warm heart, we plunge the children who are staying in the Children’s Hospital of the UZ Gent into our world of imagination and fantasy. What we offer is not a cure, but we hope it will bring a (healing) smile to their faces. Among other things, UZ Ghent is known for the quality of its care and services. Our music also serves to provide care to our fellow human beings. I am very pleased that, from our shared values, we can mean something to each other.”

The outside world inside the Children's Hospital

UZ Ghent has a good care plan for children who are admitted to the Children's Hospital or in the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department: daily, pedagogical employees prepare the children for examinations and treatments, in a playful way ... But when an organization such as Flanders Symphony Orchestra applies, it is welcomed with open arms: bringing music to a hospital really takes the mind off being sick.

Prof. Sabine Van daele, head of the Children's Hospital: “I think everyone feels that art is comforting and can trigger a lot. It often puts a big smile on our little patients' faces. We also find it important to bring the outside world inside the hospital. This allows classical live music to become accessible here too. ”

 © Thomas Verfaille

About UZ Gent

UZ Gent is one of the largest and most specialized hospitals in Flanders with over 3000 patients a day and almost 6000 employees. Patients can trust  in highly specialized, quality care in a full range of medical expertise. As a university center, UZ Gent makes targeted investments in quality, scientific research, training and customer-friendly services. The hospital works closely with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of Ghent University. More information on


De muziek die we maken is een basisrecht voor eenieder. Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen is maatschappelijk geëngageerd en kijkt ook naar de wereld buiten de concertzaal! Onder de noemer SOV-Express gaan onze musici op stap en bouwen bruggen via muziek.