Music knows no boundaries and Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen takes that quite literally. With the SOV-Express, we go out in groups to bring music to people's living environment, far beyond the walls of the concert hall. Our playing domain for these outreach projects is the residential area of Nieuw Gent. We have already been guests at the children's hospital, the crèche, the primary schools, the open house for young mothers and the social neighbourhood restaurant. Our goal? Remove barriers, encourage curiosity and make classical accessible to all.

Get on board the SOV-Express
& discover our three outreach projects

Music is a basic right. During the concert season, we regularly swap concert halls for places where we reach people who, for various reasons, cannot get to a concert hall themselves. As a professional orchestra, we proudly assume our social role to share our art widely. We go out with workshops, interventions and engage in dialogue with our surroundings.