The orchestra & Greentrack

The Flanders Symphony Orchestra is a member of the non-profit organization Greentrack Ghent. Together with a number of players from the Ghent arts sector, the orchestra signed the Greentrack charter with the promise to work more sustainably and ecologically. This aiming to reduce the ecological footprint of the arts sector.

Greentrack Gent is a non-profit organization that unites the Ghent cultural sector around the common responsibility for a sustainable and just future. At the beginning of 2018, the Flanders Symphony Orchestra received the Greentrack logo and has been one of the 48 members since.

A sustainable orchestra -> what we are already doing?

  • Water and energy consumption are registered in order to continuously improve the infrastructure and policy and make it more efficient.
  • For catering we work together with local & short chain initiatives.
  • Limit waste and sort paper, PMD, glass and residual waste.
  • A lot less printing than before.
  • Unused paper tickets are brought to a school in the area and are thus given a second life.
  • A shared bike for staff transfers.
  • Employees who commute by bike are encouraged by a bicycle allowance.
  • A parking-free site.
  • Intensive sharing of spaces in our building on the Bijloke site.
  • With the 'FSO Express' initiative, the orchestra travels to those groups that cannot come to the concert hall for various reasons.
  • The concert halls where we play are also accessible to less mobile people.