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Info & tickets

E |
T | +32 (0)9 292 75 57 (Accessible Mo-Fri 10AM-1PM)

Administrative office

T | +32 (0)9 292 75 60 (office hours)
A | Bijlokekaai 8 box 8, 9000 Ghent
Company registration number | 0411.022.553

Who is who?

The organisation of the orchestra and the day-to-day operations of the Flanders
Symphony Orchestra are managed by a young and enthusiastic team of permanent staff.

Frederik Styns, general director | +32 (0)9 292 75 57

Stephanie Dierckxsens, artistic coordination | +32 (0)9 292 75 61

Josie Vranken, communication & public relations | +32 (0)9 292 75 58

Marijke Cleys, production | +32 (0)9 292 75 59

Nina Hanssens, finance & administration | 09 292 75 60

Arn Van Wijmeersch, ticketing & video | +32 (0)9 292 75 57

Elias Vercruysse, orchestral direction
Dirk De Strooper, orchestral direction

The Board of Directors of Symfonieorkest Vlaanderen vzw:

Geert Dhondt
Luk Pillen
Bart Snauwaert
Arnoud Declerck
An Beazar
Frank Beke
Inge Buyse
Rinaldo Castelli
Lieve Ectors
Filips Pieters
Bernard Sintobin


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